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College is not for everyone, but it can be

The suspicious statement I used to believe was true. A fallacy echoed by many well intentioned teachers, parents, and family members. A deception sold as part if the American Dream. Engrained in the psyche of our communities and the world who strive to come to the U.S. Flowing from the promise that of you work hard — no matter where you come from — you are rewarded. That you can have … a house, a car, an education, get married, and prosper. The system works for some, but they are part of a minority. The gap in opportunity became clearer when I looked at the facts of where our higher education system is today.

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7 Trends Disrupting College

College and universities need to adapt or risk irrelevance. The cost of college is increasing at a pace that is faster than housing prices and hourly wages. Institutions keep raising the sticker price to cover costs and price discriminate between potential students. Which is accelerating the following trend.

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What happens when Uber drives itself?

Automated cars will replace working class jobs. Soon. 327,000 drivers: The last estimated number of active Uber drivers according to Business Insider in October of 2015. $5.6 billion: the estimated total payments Uber drivers receive annually. About $17K per driver. (Based on an estimate from VentureBeat). 1/3: approximate proportion of a driver’s income Uber represents in the US. What happens when these cars drive themselves?

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