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Here is how to get a 60k starting salary in just 2 years of school

It’s pretty clear to many of us (millennials and generations to come) that the cost of attaining a college degree weighs us down and seeps into our lives in more ways than one. I see this in my friends and colleagues– many are struggling to pay the bills in their post-college life, while giving up a huge chunk of their tiny paychecks to pay off loans. All in all, it sucks.

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Is education the great equalizer?

Growing up, I have always been under the impression that college was my way out of the poverty I grew up in. It has been dubbed the “Great Equalizer” (Horace Mann). For this reason, school became my oasis. It was the place where I found peace and comfort because I knew that one day I would get to go to college. After college, I would get a job, be really successful, and earn lots of money. Truth be told, I still don’t know much about the after college part, but the college part is pretty difficult.

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The degree is dead

The ‘degree’ based system in higher education is not adequately meeting the needs of our workforce You took a $30,000 loan to purchase a car. After using the car for a few months, you estimate it breaks down roughly 40% of the time. You got a lemon. What would you do? Return it and get your money back? They won’t take it back. 

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