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Bianca Rodriguez — A profile of courage

In the Spanish language, “Ganas” means desire; it is a push that comes from within and allows you to attain your dreams. My mother, a high school dropout and single mother at the age of 16, did not have the opportunities I have. Eventually, she overcame many obstacles to earn a GED, but life still prevented her from continuing her education. My mother taught me to take control of the hand life deals me and play the cards to my advantage.

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Dropout or Smart Shopper?

One class at a time, may be a better way to go. Although the United States’ higher education system is known as one of the best education systems in the world, tuition continues to rise relentlessly making education unobtainable for many people. Unsurprisingly, completing a degree with such a high price tag is difficult for many students and America’s ongoing problem with college dropouts and high student loan debts has only been getting worse.

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How to hack the MBA

This blog post will cover ways to ‘hack’ the MBA without paying $200K (plus the opportunity cost) to get it. I will not be going over the specific business books, subjects, and content you can mostly learn by reading cases or reading books like The Personal MBA. I will be talking about how to ‘hack’ the network — the major benefit of attending a top MBA program.

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